Natural Born Citizen

Yes, but Ted Cruz is not qualified for the position of President or Vice President because he is not a “natural born citizen”. He may well be a citizen through his mother’s citizenship but he cannot meet the requirements of being natural born, that is born IN COUNTRY of CITIZEN PARENTS (plural). It is correct that neither Obama nor Rubio nor Jindal are “natural born citizens” and yes, Obama was elected in violation of the Constitution, but who follows that old thing anyway. If you question the meaning of NBC, then go to and search out Vattel, the primary author the Framers studied and one who describes/defines “natural born citizen”. Neither Congress nor the President nor the judiciary hold any authority to redefine the Constitution. No definition was given in the Constitution because EVERY BODY ALREADY KNEW what a “natural born citizen” was. Note, no term is defined in the Constitution because the Framers expected folks to have more than a 5 year old’s intellect.

If you believe in following the Constitution then you cannot support those who do not meet the criteria. Honor demands that the rest of us do not follow the cheating, lying path of democrats who knew Obama was ineligible. The Framers had their reasons for this qualification, go study and find out just what they were protecting.

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